Orit Ramler Szulik

Career & Personal Development

At Make it A Good One® coaching, training, and consulting we offer resources for you to move forward in any stage and scope of life. If you are at one of life’s crossroads, a life transition or seeking a career, our coaches will partner with you to accomplish your goals.

What can you seek to accomplish with a Make it a Good One® coach?

  • The ability to create new "stories" for approaching ideas and obstacles.
  • All the tips, material preparation, resources and skill needed to embrace a fulfilling career search
  • The opportunity to find a career path that is fulfilling and aligned with your core values.
  • A network of new career opportunities and relationships.
  • The vision to see opportunity where challenges lie.
  • The motivation and courage to push forward.
  • The confidence to make requests of others and the skill to get results.
  • The clarity of mind to know when to say "yes" and when to say "no".
  • The balance to confront transitions and manage life changes.
  • The wellness to actively build healthy relationships.
  • The luxury of listening to your own internal cues and emotions.
  • The acceptance and peace of mind we need to make it a good one.