Orit Ramler Szulik


Why wait until your organization is in crisis to make it a good one?

At Make It A Good One® coaching and consulting, we partner with you to map out organizational goals, clarify strategies and maximize your organization’s impact on the population it serves. 

Your Make It A Good One® coach will help your organization:

Increase Impact
  • Generate greater visibility within the community you serve
  • Increase donor acquisition, level of giving and loyalty
  • Offer "wow factor" programs and events
  • Deliver stellar "customer" service toward stakeholders
Refine Structure
  • Align your group's vision and mission with its practices
  • Maximize efficiency with new practices creative systems
  • Turn organizational meetings into powerhouse planning sessions
  • Support executives, professionals and key leadership in transition
Energize People
  • Attract, train and retain volunteers and lay leaders
  • Open a path for volunteer self-sustained programs
  • Coach your team of fundraisers
  • Channel the energy of those important and sometimes "difficult" personalities
  • Address morale issues by converting negativity into authentic action
  • Support the growth and development of paid personnel
  • Increase the commitment of your team of professionals and volunteers