Orit Ramler Szulik

Management & Executive

We focus on real results!

At Make It A Good One® coaching, training and consulting, we partner to set clear goals, craft strategies and take action. We work with you to adopt practices that support achieving your goals, help you become more efficient and gain a sense of fulfillment. Why wait for a crisis to make it a good one?

Your Make It A Good One® coach will:

Develop Your Leadership Style
  • Work from a place of assertions.
  • Master supervisory competencies.
  • Lead with vision rather than just manage day-to-day issues.
  • Transform ineffective habits by adopting new practices.
  • Learn coaching techniques to inspire and empower employees.
  • Enhance team performance, collaboration, and spirit.
Grow Your Vision
  • Think "outside the box".
  • Take a new approach to solve an old problem.
Increase your Impact
  • Generate greater visibility within the community you serve.
  • Increase donor acquisition, level of giving and loyalty.
  • Offer "wow factor" programs and events.
  • Deliver stellar "customer" service toward stakeholders.
Refine Structure
  • Align your group's vision and mission with its practices.
  • Maximize efficiency with new practices creative systems.
  • Turn organizational meetings into powerhouse planning sessions.
  • Support executives, professionals, and key leadership in transition.
Hone Your Communication Skills
  • Develop comfort and skill in "difficult" conversations.
  • Maximize efficiency in meetings.
  • Master the Art of Asking.
  • Learn when and how to say "no" and "yes".
Energize People
  • Create frameworks for managing stress, emotions, and expectations.
  • Facilitate an enjoyable and more productive work environment.
  • Be at your best in the middle of the storm.
  • Attract, train and retain the best professionals, volunteers and lay leaders.
  • Coach your team of fundraisers.
  • Address morale issues by converting negativity into authentic action.