Set a day to break a habit that is not healthy for you, get ready for that day with whatever it takes, declare it to the world and then have a party to celebrate your accomplishment!

There is an old saying that “by the yard it’s hard; but inch by inch, anything’s a cinch!” How about getting your mind off the huge task in front of you and focusing on a single action you can take? Every journey starts with a first step.

‎”People might forget what you said. People might forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel” -Maya Angelou.
A good reminder to make it a good feeling!

Feeling overwhelmed? You can say “no” to something. “No” isn’t a rejection of a person, it is simply a decline of a request… you can make “no” a good one!

Testimonial from Denise Carson


“Optimism, Strategies, Ideas, Collaboration, Guidance, Expertise: There is no such phrase as “we can’t” when working with Orit. She is a never-ending source of reasons why “we can”. Orit worked with our non-profit campaign committee to develop a comprehensive 2010 strategy. Her past expertise in this area was invaluable in providing ideas, techniques and advice on how to change our approach in order to achieve success. We met our campaign goal and learned much more about how to plan a fundraising campaign.”


Denise Carson
2011 Tikvah Campaign Co-Chair
Raleigh-Cary Jewish Federation

Testimonial from Bryna Rapp


“Orit is a creative and dedicated person who is a lot of fun to work with. She is always professional and enthusiastic and manages to be a leader and team player at the same time.”

Bryna Rapp,
Co-chair of the Partnership for a Jewish Life, a partnership between The Lerner Community Day School and the Durham-Chapel Hill Jewish Federation.