Small Message, Big Impact. How to put the power of the elevator speech to work for you. By Terri L. Sjodin.  Being an effective communicator is key to our professional and personal success. Easy to read, this book provides creative tips on how to open almost every door, and a simple framework for speaking with confidence and right to the point! I would say, read it and go for that conversation you want most!

Testimonial from William Berkson

“Orit has been a dream collaborator for me on an educational project. She is wonderfully appreciative and encouraging, but at the same time has a sharp eye for weaknesses that need correcting. And she has immediately brought insightful and creative solutions to remedy the weaknesses and make the project stronger and more appealing. Orit has a rare combination of gifts, including a wonderfully positive outlook, insight into what needs strengthening and creative ideas for doing it, and absolutely no phoniness. Whoever works with her will count themselves lucky.”

William Berkson, PhD
Director, The Jewish Institute for Youth & Family

Testimonial from Elizabeth Fisher

“Working with Orit gave me an entirely new framework and paradigm for decision-making in my career that is quickly also spilling over into other areas of my life.  Her signature “vent and reinvent” methodology enabled me to express myself, take a breath, and then figure out how to move forward in a positive way.  She is a skilled and thoughtful coach and listener who is always kind but never scared to address difficult topics.  I’m so happy I invested the time and money in her services.  Orit truly changed the way I approach my career, and my life.”

Elizabeth Fisher, Managing Director, Birthright Israel NEXT

Make it A Good One endorses The Law of the Garbage Truck!

The Law of The Garbage Truck, by David J. Pollay.  “How to respond to people who Dump on You, and How to Stop Dumping on Others” is what David presents in this brilliant pleasant, and easy to read book. Noticing when we are dumping  garbage on others or being the recipients of garbage, is a big accomplishment towards a “garbage free life” and Making it a good One!

Accountability Makes it A Good One!

The 85% Solution, by Linda Galindo.  Linda takes a real problem in today’s world and reduces it to clear actions that empower us to own whatever we are involved at. As Linda says “Personal Accountability Guarantees Success. No Nonsense, No Excuses”. Accountability is one of the first steps you ned to give in order to “show up” and Make it A Good One.