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Orit Ramler SzulikOrit Ramler Szulik brings a wealth of professional experience to her activities as a Personal and Organizational Coach and Consultant. A seasoned leader, entrepreneur, manager, educator and fundraiser in both business as well as the not-for-profit sector, Orit is also a trained Learning Specialist and Certified Ontological Coach. This background informs and enriches her coaching in many ways, making her a true catalyst for authentic and meaningful change.

Orit built Make It A Good One℠ coaching and consulting on her 25 years of experience as a Learning Specialist. Over the years, assisting young people with special needs and learning challenges, Orit gained insight into learning and motivation. She came to understand that it is not only those with a special “learning disabled” label who struggle with learning and growth, but instead, that we all have opportunities to expand the sometimes rigid structure of our minds, and open them to new possibilities and other levels of awareness.

Born in Israel, Orit has lived in seven different countries from the Middle East to Latin America to the United States, where she currently resides. A true “citizen of the world,’ Orit has a unique understanding of human behavior, and how it is within our differences that we find common ground. Fluent in Spanish, English and Hebrew, Orit knows there are many levels of understanding. As with a foreign language, we can understand the literal meaning of words, but we gain deeper insight when we learn the cultural context of words and phrases.

Orit founded Make it a Good One℠ coaching and consulting in response to her life philosophy that no matter what, we can always make it a good one by taking ownership and action in our daily lives.

Orit currently lives in North Carolina with her husband and their two children.

Highlights of Orit’s Background:

Director of a teen leadership development program and youth movement for 500 urban youths in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Associate Executive Director of a private elementary school – during her tenure, student enrollment and retention increased. At the school, Orit streamlined processes and supported effective communication among stakeholders.

Educational Specialist in private practice and a special needs institution where she led groups in art and game therapy and facilitated support groups for families.

One of original founders of Giro Didactico, a vibrant, independently-owned educational toy store (and what has now grown to be the largest chain of educational toy stores in Argentina). Under Orit’s leadership, Giro Didactico offered frequent seminars, workshops and consultations with educators and parents to support creative learning for children.

Eight years at the Durham-Chapel Hill Jewish Federation, as Director of the Jewish Community Center Without Walls and Executive Director of the Jewish Federation. In her tenure she significantly increased programs offered as well as attendance and volunteer involvement. Orit successfully increased the Annual Campaign in both number of donors as well as amount raised, earning the organization a national award in recognition of the success of the campaign. She also co-managed the strategic plan and fundraising efforts to build the first Jewish Community Center in the Durham-Chapel Hill area, with a $8,000,000 Capital Campaign. The Levin JCC opened it doors in the Summer of 2011.


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