Make 2012 A Good Year!

Start every day by deciding what’s important to you and engage yourself fully.

Remember to share your gifts, your “uniqueness” is awesome.

Notice the world around you, and be “wowed” by it.

Feel gratitude for the good and for the challenging,

and for your power to influence both.


Be curious… there is always something to learn.

Uncover new ways of seeing and new stories will appear.

See shades of grey – and embrace their subtle tones.

Ask for help, and receive help graciously when it is offered.

Say “no” when you need to; take “no” from others with grace.

Be aware of your limits, but stretch them:

find elasticity whenever you can.


Listen to your body; cherish your health.

Play and laugh…often. Express your love.

Pay attention to your emotions.

Embrace honesty with yourself and with others.

Keep asking yourself “what do I need most right now?”


Dream, and then declare your purpose.

Remain positive, and use your potential to take action.

Heal and keep moving every time you fall.

Escape the trap of procrastination (no excuses!).

Transform what’s not working.

Be accountable and reliable: own your actions and keep your promises.


In all things, practice. And then practice more.

Find meaning and purpose every day.

Be thankful for every breath.



Orit Ramler…wishing you the empowerment and commitment to make 2012 what you want it to be. It is not always easy, and it is certainly not magic. It takes practice and attention. This new year, declare to the world: this is your life, and you can, and you will Make it a Good One!

Wishing you Joyful
and Meaningful Holidays


– Orit   


PS. Don’t wait for a new year or a new tomorrow to start practicing healthy habits – start now, and do it as a special gift to yourself. 


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