Make it A Good One endorses The Law of the Garbage Truck!

The Law of The Garbage Truck, by David J. Pollay.  “How to respond to people who Dump on You, and How to Stop Dumping on Others” is what David presents in this brilliant pleasant, and easy to read book. Noticing when we are dumping  garbage on others or being the recipients of garbage, is a big accomplishment towards a “garbage free life” and Making it a good One!

Accountability Makes it A Good One!

The 85% Solution, by Linda Galindo.  Linda takes a real problem in today’s world and reduces it to clear actions that empower us to own whatever we are involved at. As Linda says “Personal Accountability Guarantees Success. No Nonsense, No Excuses”. Accountability is one of the first steps you ned to give in order to “show up” and Make it A Good One.

Set a day to break a habit that is not healthy for you, get ready for that day with whatever it takes, declare it to the world and then have a party to celebrate your accomplishment!

There is an old saying that “by the yard it’s hard; but inch by inch, anything’s a cinch!” How about getting your mind off the huge task in front of you and focusing on a single action you can take? Every journey starts with a first step.